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    Apostille for Spain


    Spain is one of the countries that signed the Hague Convention on the Simplified Procedure for the Legalization of Documents. Thus, it becomes much easier to draw up documents for obtaining citizenship, a residence permit, employment or marriage, but with certain peculiarities.

    What is the procedure for preparing documents for filing with Spanish authorities?

    The first and most important step is to affix an apostille to all documents that are required by Spanish authorities, depending on the purpose of submission of documents.

    Apostille is affixed on original documents and in no case on laminated documents! If you have a laminated document, we will help you get a new document.

    After affixing the apostille, it is important to translate the document into Spanish/English and notarize it.

    Important! Spain is one of the countries of the double apostille! Thus, the apostille affixing on the translation is mandatory, otherwise the documents will not be accepted by the Spanish authorities.

    It is also important to note that you can legalize documents for Spain in another way – by legalizing directly in Spain.

    Dear and dear customers, we will help you put an apostille on any document! Our 12 years of experience will fully provide you with confidence that the document will be accepted by the Spanish authorities.

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