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    Apostille of educational documents


    Translation agency “De-Lis” will help anyone who wants to change their life, who wants to study or work abroad, affixing an apostille stamp on a diploma, graduation certificate or other documents, as well as a sworn translation of documents in any language. See the price

    Apostille of educational documents is a confirmation of the authenticity of your documents for filing abroad. Without an apostille, no document will be valid. We will put an apostille on the diploma, the apostille on the supplement to the diploma, the apostille on the graduation certificate, the apostille on the appendix on the graduation certificate, the apostille on the archival certificate, the apostille on the croc, the apostille on the certificates, the apostille on the extract from the curriculum and other documents that your university may require.

    To enter a foreign university or to work abroad, it is necessary to prepare documents in a quality manner: put an apostille on your qualification certificate and appendix to the graduation certificate or your diploma, make a translation into the language of the country where the documents are submitted and notarize them. Sometimes for work or study a certificate of good conduct is required, which you can order from us, as well as a birth certificate. We will also put the apostille on the certificate of non-conviction and put the apostille on the birth certificate, make a translation and notarize in the shortest possible time.

    Make a preliminary calculation of your document

    Our translation agency in a short time will organize affixing the apostille stamp on all documents from the university and school

    Contacting us you can order not only apostille of documents, but also additional services

    Legalization of documents

    Translation of documents

    Certificate of non-conviction

    Temporary residence permission

    Permanent residence permission

    Registration of residence

    Nostrification of documents

    Invitation for foreigners

    Package of documents for WES  USA\CANADA

    Additionally, we provide the following services:

    approach each order individually!

    Contacting us, you will receive high-quality consultation and service on affixing the apostille stamp on the graduation certificate and the appendix to the graduation certificate, on the diploma and the diploma supplement and the lowest prices for our services!

    work for you and for you!


    Апостиль на свидетельство о рождении

    Апостиль на свидетельство о разводе

    (если были ранее в браке)

    Апостиль на справку с места жительства

    Апостиль на заявление о не состоянии в браке

    Апостиль на вытяги из загса