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    Marriage based emmigration

    Registration of marriage abroad is not an easy process and requires a very responsible approach, both from the bride and the bridegroom.

    If you decide to tie the knot with a foreign citizen or a citizen from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Austria, Denmark, Holland, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Poland, America, Australia, Israel or some other country, then our translation agency “De-Lis” will help you to collect and draw up the entire package of documents competently and quickly for traveling abroad.

    Translation agency “De-Lis” provides services for the preparation and drawing up of documents for marriage. Drawing up documents in each case requires an individual approach to everyone who has decided to arrange marriage abroad.

    And before you start collecting documents for marriage abroad, you must first consult on this issue in the Registry Office of that country and the city where you planned to conduct the marriage. Since in the same country, but in different cities and in different Registry Offices, you will receive different information, and in order to prevent unnecessary cash expenses, first of all visit the Registry Office.

    To marry abroad, the bride or bridegroom, not previously married, requires a standard package of documents:

    1. Passport;
    2. Birt certificate;
    3. Certificate of marital status.

    To marry abroad, the bride or bridegroom, previously married, require additional documents to the above:

    1. Court decision on divorce or divorce certificate;
    2. Extract of premarital surname;
    3. Certificate of residence; (at the request of the Registry Office, in which you will sign)
    4. Certificate of non-conviction; (at the request of the consulate of the country or the Registry Office in which you will sign)

    All documents must be apostilled and translated into the language that the Registry Office requires, in which an important event will happen for each person.

    Translation agency “Dе-Lis” will be happy to help you collect the necessary package of documents, as well as put an apostille stamp, translate it into the desired language and notarize the translation.

    You can find out more information about the package of documents and the correctness of drawing up documents for marriage abroad in our office, after signing up for a free consultation.

    Permission for PPR (permanent place of residence)

    If you are planning to leave for permanent place of residence from Ukraine to another country, then you need to obtain a permission for permanent residence in Ukraine. Contacting us, we will assist you in drawing up documents, and in a short time to apply for permission for permanent place of residence.

    The following documents will be required from you:

    • Application for permanent place of residence;
    • Passport of a citizen of Ukraine (for a person under 16 years of age – birth certificate);
    • International passport;
    • Identification code;
    • A military ID or a document that replaces it, or a certificate of the relevant military commissariat about the possibility of leaving Ukraine (for men aged 18 to 25 years, who are subject to military conscription);

    Translation agency “De-Lis” will provide you with the necessary consultation and help you collect the entire package of necessary documents in the shortest possible time and at the best price.

    We approach each order individually!

    We work for you and for you!