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    Place of residence registration


    Foreigners or stateless persons permanently or temporarily residing in the territory of Ukraine are obliged, within 30 calendar days after deregistration of their place of residence and arrival at a new place of residence, to register their new place of residence.

    These rules also apply to foreigners and stateless persons who have received a certificate of temporary residence in Ukraine. A foreigner needs to register his place of residence at the address indicated in the documents upon submission to the State Migration Service of Ukraine.

    What documents are required to register a place of residence for foreigners?

    • Statement;
    • Certificate of temporary / permanent residence (original and copy)
    • Original receipt of payment of the administrative fee;
    • A document confirming the ownership of the housing, which is located at the address of the future residence of the foreigner (original and notarized copy);
    • A rental contract for the registration of a place of residence;
    • A power of attorney confirming the authority of a representative of a foreigner or stateless person (original and notarized copy).

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