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    Repeated documents receiving from registry office


    It often happens in our life that someone was born in one place, married or got married in another, works in the third, received a pension in the fourth.

    Many people face with the issue of recovering lost documents that were damaged, issued in the USSR and don’t know where to ask for help and how to recover documents without leaving the settlement of their permanent place of residence.

    You need to contact us and your question will be resolved in the shortest possible time. For your order our specialists will draw up a competent request to those organizations that can send duly certified copies of all the documents you need by mail. And there is no need to go to Ukraine, spend money and time with an unknown result. We guarantee you a positive result!

    We will help you reclaim (receive, restore) the following documents from the civil registration authorities (Registry Office):

    • certificate of birth, marriage, divorce, death;
    • marriage verification certificate;
    • birth certificate of a child;
    • certificate of change of name, surname, patronymic name.

    We will also assist you in obtaining Registry Office documents in such countries:

    • Russian Federation;
    • Belarus;
    • Moldova;
    • Kazakhstan;
    • Uzbekistan;
    • Kyrgyzstan;
    • Tajikistan;
    • Turkmenistan;
    • Georgia;
    • and other countries.

    Note that all documents are issued in the language of the state in which you were born, signed, etc., but this is not a problem for our translation agency, as we provide a full range of services: we translate, legalize, apostillize, notarize and provide a document in the form that you need to present to the relevant institutions.

    The reclamation and translation of documents with our help will save your valuable time, effort and money.

    We approach each order individually!

    We work for you and for you!