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    Notary assurance of documents


    What documents are suitable for notarized translation?

    • charter documents (certificates, licenses, protocols, statements, etc.);
    • contracts, employment contracts;
    • passports:
    • birth, marriage, divorce, death certificates;
    • diplomas, certificates and many other documents;
    • and others.

    Notarization of translation is one of the main services of the Translation agency «De-Lis». According to popular belief, a notarized translation is a certification of a translated document by a notary. In fact, a notary who does not speak a foreign language at the required level confirms the authenticity of the signature of the translator who worked on the document.

    What is a notarized translation?

    This is a translation of official documents for submission to the relevant authorities. Of course, a notarized translation can be performed both from Russian, Ukrainian into a foreign language of interest to you, and from almost any foreign one, into Russian, Ukrainian.

    It is important to clarify that the stages of the notarized translation procedure must be performed by one executor, and you must be sure of both the notary’s qualifications and the translator’s qualifications.

    Notarization of certain documents issued in the territory of another country is carried out only if there is an apostille on the document.

    What is the procedure for notarizing translations?

    1. A specialist of the “De-Lis” translation agency carries out a high-quality translation of the document;
    2. The translator in the presence of a notary working in the translation agency puts his signature;
    3. Our notary certifies the signature of the translator, based on documents confirming the professional knowledge of the translator;
    4. The original text (or its notarized copy) and the translation made are stitched, sealed with the seal of the notary and his signature.

    Choosing a translation agency “De-Lis” you can be sure that your documents will fall into the hands of professionals, experts in their field, and that your notarized translation will be performed at the highest level.

    We approach each order individually!

    We work for you and for you!