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    Notary power of attorney


    Notary power of attorney – this is a written procuracy issued by one person (grantor) to another person (attorney or representative) for representation before third parties.

    Powers of attorney, which require notarial certification, are prescribed by law.

    A number of requirements are presented to them: the place and date of drawing up the power of attorney, last name, first name and patronymic name (full name of legal entities), place of residence (location) of grantors and representatives, and, if necessary, the positions of attorneys and representatives must be indicated in the text.

    A power of attorney may be concluded on behalf of one or more persons and issued in the name of one or more persons. The document is made in two counterparts: one is given to the grantor for transfer to the attorney, and the second remains with the notary.

    A notarial application for a child to travel abroad is the consent of one of the parents or two parents, giving the right to the child accompanied by one adult to crossthe border.

    To draw up such an application, one or two parents must be present, as well as passport originals, identification numbers, child’s birth certificate and travel dates are required.

    If the child travels to Italy or Spain, then an apostille must be affixed to such an application.

    Application of single status is an application that is drew up by a notary. To complete this application, you will need your passport and identification code. Apostille must be affixed to such a statement.

    You can also have a notarized permission to produce a travel document for a child or an international passport in our bureau.

    Contacting us, instead of one service you will receive a range of services necessary for traveling abroad, together with saving your time and money.

    We approach each order individually!

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