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    Oral translation


    The cost of consecutive translation is calculated for each hour of work of an interpreter and varies from 250 UAH depending on the language of translation and the complexity of the translation. You can find out the exact cost of consecutive interpretation by calling our translation agency in Kiev or in Dnipro.

    We can calculate the cost of simultaneous translation by contacting the manager of our company in Dnipro or Kiev in advance and providing us with the following details for simultaneous translation:

    • Language (from-into)
    • Subject of negotiation, meeting, seminar;
    • Number of participants;
    • Time and place;
    • Estimated duration of the event.
    • The need for synchronous equipment.

    By contacting our translation agency “De-Lis” for the services of an interpreter for interpreting at exhibitions, conferences, lectures, seminars, trainings, etc. We will provide you with the best specialist for an oral event.
    We will also provide you with a certified translator at notaries, registry offices and other institutions for performing notarial acts (signing a contract, concluding a purchase-and-sale contract, drafting a power of attorney, etc.).

    At your service:
    English interpreter, German interpreter, Spanish interpreter, Italian interpreter, French interpreter, Chinese interpreter, Polish interpreter, Czech interpreter, Portuguese interpreter, Turkish interpreter, Arabic interpreter, Georgian interpreter, Chinese interpreter, Japanese interpreter, Russian interpreter.

    Payment for the services of the company is accepted by bank transfer. The company also accepts funds through electronic payment systems. Cooperation with us will be profitable and convenient.

    Additionally, we provide the following services:

    Translation agency “De-Lis” will also select for you a highly qualified simultaneous interpreter and rent equipment for simultaneous interpretation.

    We approach each order individually!

    We work for you and for you!

    The minimum consecutive translation order is 3 hours;

    The order of interpretation for one day implies the work of the interpreter no more than 8 hours in one day. If the translator has been with the client for more than 8 hours, the client will be charged additionally for each hour in accordance with the hourly rate;

    The entire time the interpreter is with the client count towards, regardless of the workload of the interpreter during this time;

    If the client is outside the city, the travel time from the city center to the event venue and back is paid as the interpreter’s work time and is included in the total price of the order.

    Даже если Вы сами знаете иностранный язык на хорошем уровне, присутствие переводчика позволит Вам:

    • чувствовать себя увереннее
    • сконцентрироваться на содержании переговоров, а не на переводе
    • избежать возможного непонимания при использовании незнакомой терминологии
    • произвести более благоприятное впечатления

    Consecutive translation


    Consecutive translation is a type of interpretation, into another language during the speaker’s pauses, which allows you to convey the accuracy of the interpretation, as the interpreter has enough time to comprehend and translate the speaker’s phrases.

    Consecutive translation is used both in business meetings and in non-formal walks with foreign business partners through the city, accompanied by executives at exhibitions and so on.

    The services of a consecutive interpreter are highly valued, since much depends on the professionalism of the interpreter.

    Simultaneous translation


    Simultaneous translation is a complex, special type of interpretation, which is substantially more expensive than consecutive, which proceeds synchronously with the speaker’s speech without pauses, using special equipment to avoid confusion between the speaker and the translator.

    Simultaneous translation is used at international conferences, symposia and other high-level events. Such work can only be done by synchronous interpreters who have undergone special training and have quite a lot of experience in simultaneous translation with a large vocabulary.

    Simultaneous translation, as opposed to consecutive, is carried out by two interpreters in a special booth, who replace each other every half hour.