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    м. Київ вул. Дмитрівська 18/24

    м. Дніпро вул.Мечнікова 18, оф. 520

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    Translation of documents


    The team of professional certified translators of our bureau translates documents, texts and websites into all languages of the world. In addition, our translators provide urgent translation of documents as soon as possible. We work only with certified and sworn translators who have extensive experience in this field. We will make for you a written translation of documents with notarial certification.

    Translation Agency “De-Lis” provides translation services in the Dnieper, in Kiev and in other regions of Ukraine.

    We translate:

    In addition, we provide the following services:

    Notarial certification of your translations

    Legalization and stamping of the apostille on your documents and translations;

    Reclamation of documents and their translation (for example, a certificate of non-conviction).

    Urgent translation in 1 hour


    For a more accurate rendering of the translation of documents, texts, you can send us a request by e-mail:


    Our staff will quickly and accurately determine the cost and terms of the translation for you.

    We approach each order individually!

    We work for you and for you!

    Translation Agency “De-Lis” translates into English, translations into German, translations into French, translations into Italian, translations into Spanish, translations into Hebrew, translations into Polish, translations into Czech, translations into Portuguese, translations into Chinese, translations into Slovenian, translation into Slovak, translation into Russian, translation into Ukrainian and other languages. Translation from Russian into English, translation from Russian into Ukrainian, translation from Ukrainian into Russian, translation from Ukrainian into English, translation from English into Russian, translation from English into Ukrainian, translation from Russian into German, translation from Ukrainian into German, translation from German into Russian, translation from German into Ukrainian, translation from Russian into Hebrew, translation from Ukrainian into Hebrew, translation from Hebrew into Russian, translation from Hebrew into Ukrainian, translation from Russian into Italian, translation from Ukrainian into Italian, translation from Italian into Russian, translation from Italian into Ukrainian, translation from Ukrainian into French, translation from Russian into French, translation from French into Russian, translation from French into Ukrainian, translation from Russian into Chinese, translation from Ukrainian into Chinese, translation from Chinese into Ukrainian, translation from Spanish into Ukrainian, translation from Ukrainian into Spanish, translation from Ukrainian into Czech, translation from Russian into Czech, translation from Czech into Ukrainian.

    Texts of any subject and complexity;

    (Medical translation of the text, economic translation of the text, financial documents, reports, etc.)

    Documents and technical texts;

    (Technical translation of text, translation of instructions, catalogs, sites)

    Documents and legal texts;

    (Translation of contracts, translation of orders of appointment, etc.)

    Fiction Texts;

    (Translation of artistic text, poems, prose, books, films, etc.)

    Personal documentation

    (Translation of a passport, translation of a birth certificate, translation of a marriage certificate, translation of a death certificate, translation of a divorce certificate, translation of a certificate, translation of a certificate from place of residence, translation of a court decision, translation of a certificate, translation of a diploma, etc.)

    Constituent documents

    (Translation of the charter, translation of the certificate of registration, etc.)