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    Invitation for foreigners


    Any citizen of Ukraine or a person who has a temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine has the right to invite citizens of another country (relatives, friends) to stay in Ukraine. To do this, you need to issue an invitation.

    The procedure for entry of foreigners into the territory of Ukraine may vary depending on the country in which the foreigner arriving in Ukraine lives. So, for citizens from the CIS countries and the European Union, visas are not needed, but the period of stay in Ukraine is limited to 90 days.

    For citizens of other countries, an invitation must be made to open a visa to Ukraine from an individual or legal entity living in the territory of the host country. Within an hour, we will issue you an invitation for a citizen of another country and the cost of issuing an invitation with our help will be 750 UAH.

    To issue an invitation for a foreigner from an individual you will need:

    • an invitation from an individual citizen of Ukraine to a foreigner for the subsequent issuance of a visa to enter Ukraine;
    • original Ukrainian passport and identification code;
    • copy or photo of a foreigner’s passport document (translation of a passport for an invitation will be made by our translation agency within 15 minutes);
    • certified by the owner’s signature copy of the passport document of the inviting party (with a page on registration of residence).

    For foreigners served:

    • certificate of permanent residence or documents confirming the fact of training, internship or employment in Ukraine;
    • or a certificate of a temporary or permanent residence permit in Ukraine and a copy of its pages with personal data if the receiving party is a foreigner or a stateless person.

    Required documents for applying for a visa at the Consulate of Ukraine:

    1. Visa application form;
    2. Valid foreign passport;
    3. 2 photos 3 x 4 cm;
    4. Receipt of payment of the consular fee;
    5. Medical insurance
    6. Document (invitation) confirming the purpose of the planned stay in Ukraine.

    Translation agency “De-Lis” will provide you with the necessary advice and help you collect the entire package of necessary documents and competently go through the process of filling out an invitation for a foreigner to Ukraine.

    We approach each order individually!

    We work for you and for you!