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    Marriage with foreigner


    Nowadays, many citizens of the countries of the former Soviet Union build their happiness and create a family home abroad. But in order to marry a foreigner, it is necessary to prepare a series of documents, and this process is not always simple and can be associated with various difficulties. We will help you deal with them!

    Translation agency “De-Lis”  provides assistance with paperwork for marriage with a foreigner in the following countries:

    • Italy
    • France
    • Germany
    • Denmark
    • Norway
    • Netherlands
    • Spain
    • Turkey
    • Portugal
    • Switzerland
    • Poland
    • Sweden
    • USA
    • Estonia
    • Belarus
    • Russia
    • Great Britain
    • Belgium
    • Israel
    • Austria
    • Canada
    • Croatia
    • Czech
    • Cyprus
    • Greece
    • Egypt
    • China
    • Japan

    As a rule, in order to get married people apply for a bride visa. The bride starts the visa application process. He must contact the immigration service of his country with a request to issue you such a visa. This visa is valid for 90 days, after which you must either get married or leave the country.

    The process of applying for a bride’s visa can take from a couple of weeks to a year, in some cases up to one and a half years, depending on the country, with an average period of 3-6 months. So with the time of applying for a bride visa, you have to come to terms.

    Try to strictly follow the requirements (carefully check and double-check all documents – signatures, quantity, wording, presence of seals), and maintain close contact with the groom. Tell him more about your life, regularly call up and write letters. The embassy will ask for evidence confirming the duration of the meeting (all the letters and cards that you received from the groom and he from you, telephone bills for international negotiations and so on will come in handy here).

    Documents for the bride’s visa

    • Birth certificate
    • If divorced – a court decision on divorce or a certificate of divorce (with data on the right to paternity regarding minor children);
    • Actual statement of marital status;
    • If the partners joint residence has been abolished, a court decision on the cancellation of joint residence
    • Certificate of residence or registration;
    • If the widow/widower is a death certificate;

    First contact the registry office in which you will marry. There you will receive a list of documents that are required for both parties. Different documents may be required. Each country puts forward its requirements for documents, so do not take risks, but turn to professionals and they will help you.

    In order for all documents to be valid abroad, they must be legalized or affixed with the apostille stamp. After which the translation and notarization is done.

    We will prepare the necessary package of documents for you, legalize, translate and notarize.

    Translation agency “De-Lis” guarantees you a bride visa as soon as possible and at the best prices.

    We approach each order individually!

    We work for you and for you!